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Bullet (left) with Luk Haas. Photo by Magnus Caleb (stolen without permission).

This is not really that old of a news. Bullet of Carburetor Dung has recently been interviewed by Business FM in That Music Show on last June 2010. Bullets talked about, among others, ‘them old times’ during the early days of what then was the ‘underground’ music scene, his personal projects and his musical influences. The ‘show’ could be downloaded at podcast directly here.

Welcome to Shock&Awe Media Center!

Shock & Awe Media is a non-profit media center documenting and producing materials on the current Malaysian DIY hardcore punk. Shock & Awe originally started as a magazine published beginning of July 2010 with the intention to promote dialogue especially among punks in the Malaysian and to showcase the Malaysian scene to the world. This project is a not-for-profit initiative with the foremost function to produce materials documenting the Malaysian Do-It-Yourself (DIY) hardcore punk scene, in various form spanning from print, audio and video productions.

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