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This video clip was created by Joe Kidd for Carburetor Dung’s song titled ‘Mata Buta (Blind Eyes)’ and the video was originally (and hurriedly) ¬†made in 2004 for “Footsteps” group exhibition at the National Art Gallery. The original audio for this video was taken from one of Dung’s jamming session, and here Alak has edited it with a proper audio from the bands recent proper recording.

Lyrics for Mata Buta :


Ini memang cerita lama
Dari jaman dulu kala
Orang kaya cekik darah
Orang besar makan budak

Gadis cantik jadi gundik
Patik rakyat ikut saja
Bila kita akan celik?
Cerita lama, cerita sama

© 2006 Carburetor Dung


Shock&Awe! Launch Partay!!
@The Wall, Behind Pelican Hotel, Batu Pahat, Johor.
RM 10.00 | from 1pm till end | 6th November 2010

The Garrison
Purevibracion rejects

Artificial hairy pushadubabdub punk

The notorious kings of public bareness

As skramzzz(hihi) as a riot

Sarjan Hassan
… says “punk rock is not a game”

The shape of Batu Pahat punk to come

Batu Pahat latest virgin sacrifice

– As secretive as the song tittles

Brought to you by Atonal Microtonal together with Knot and Shock&Awe! Media.

contact this hensem person for more info : 019 745 8806