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Ricecooker has just launched it’s radioshow! We at Shock&Awe! Media loves this!¬†Another awesome attempt of media creation which we feel is about time, that the gap to be filled by all the capable individuals we have around the scene.

In this first initiative, the prominent and prolific member of Carburetor Dung, Joe Kidd, who is also our writer and collaborator, shares his electic selection of notable tunes from all around the world from the past till the present.

We are still figuring out how to embed this.

Go go listen it here! Or alternately, you can click on the Ricecooker banner above.

We are proud to present you the second issue of our magazine, which is our foremost focus of the Shock&Awe! Media Initiative, thus, the lack of content in this blog as you can see. We are still understaffed to work on the projects, but that is another story.

The second issue is basically, in our honest opinion, an improvement from the second. There are added contents in this issue with more columns and segments. Make sure you get the latest issue quick as it is running out fast! Shock&Awe! magazine is now available at more places: in addition to the Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang and Singapore, it is now also available in Malacca (Bebal Mailorder), Penang (Ed Weot Skam) and Philippines (Emman of Delusion of Terror Records). Get your copies from them, or contact us directly at shock (dot) awe00 (at) gmail (dot) com. Head to our Distro Listing page for the complete listing.