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Shock&Awe! Media is a project that fills the lack of media in DIY hardcore punk scenes around the region. As the common sentiment is always against the ‘mainstream’, bands has always find themselves in a stumbling block whenever they wish to feature more of their stuffs ‘out there’ to bigger audiences, as mainstream media is out of the option. This is where Shock&Awe! comes in.

We are happy to observe that there are also other media initiatives that has popped up either as a collective or on individual capacity, other than our very own Shock&Awe! Media Youtube channel. Here is a few that we have spotted and would like to highlight here on our website:

Shieko Reto’s Channel:

Shot mostly from her Lumix LX3, Shieko has been shooting videos at punk gigs, art shows, activism and some street demonstrations too. Here is one with Kah-Roe-Shi:

Ismail Kamus’s Channel:

He has been shooting videos waaaay back in a lot of punk shows. Among the earliest people that we think realise the importance of documentation. Most of the videos are quite dated, but important documentation nonetheless. The next video is from his channel, Indonesian horror punk Kelelawar Malam’s previous show in KL.

Rizman’s Channel

Rizman told me he has also been shooting a lot of videos and did offered it to Shock&Awe! perusal. Other than punk gigs, Rizman also shot footages on activism around Johor where he resides. This is one of his video of Singapore’s Wormrot, which were recently signed with Earache.

Celine’s Channel

An impressive amount of videos. But she needs a better (video) camera. And steadier hands. This one is during the Buzzcock’s show in KL:

GogonTV Channel:

A recently started media collective and only as one video as of now. We are waiting to see more coming up from them. A little too cute for our taste though :). Here is the video of their talkshow with a local band Jane Finger Inc.

So there you have it, a few channels that for us, adds to the media content on local DIY scene. Please leave a comment here if you have more recommendation! Keep on shooting and producing! Shock&Awe! is also looking for more collaborations and hoping for more output with quality. It’s time to up the ante and go beyond individual bedroom publishing for better quality ones, DIY of course.

Revolt and Chaos, a trustworthy collective that is normally involved in organizing shows have organised a farewell show for Cyberne, a Japanese progressive hardcore touring band from Osaka on the last 13th December 2010, which was a Monday night (gasp!). The show started at 9, and because it was held in this studio as a space the entrance ticket required is very cheap at only RM 5. It is a nice studio even though the sound system is not that good though it is spacious.

The first band that played for the night is Daighila, an epic emoviolence that hails from the Rembau, Negeri Sembilan Malaysia. They had played three shows with Cyberne prior to this farewell gig, which include one in Singapore. The front man himself that runs Stoneville Records which was the organizer of first show when the tour kicked in at Gudang Noisy, Ampang. They played few songs taken from the Henceforth EP with an unreleased tracks that is going to be in the split with Australian’s Circuits. The track below is the track that would be featured in the split.

Henceforth EP and split with Fanzui Xiangfa is still available under Stoneville Records.

(Commercial break: Circuits will be having a South East Asia Tour with Daighila on February so stay tuned!)

Second band that played for the night was The Pips, a semi folk or pop punk that consists almost all girls from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. They did cover a song both from Marjinal and The Slits, other than paying their own materials. The band managed to switch the atmosphere from Envy-based one to an entertainingly fun environment. They took the effort to provide explanation to every song that they’re going to play, and managed to pull a tight set still. You don’t want to miss them live, trust me.

Tug Of War EP is still available under Knot Records.

Here is a video of them covering The Slit’s I Heard it From the Grapevine:

Third band for the Malaysian-goodbye is Temerloh fast hardcore Gymnastic Skull Whistling (GSW) with an energetic unhealthy dose of power violence. This is again, when the ambience of this tiny space changed. Even the crowds did not hesitate to mosh in a like-they-are-not-working-tomorrow manner. GSW is a trio with dual vocals (the other one is the drummer) and they managed to put simply a striking performances and waking up everyone there preparing the crowd for the next set by Cyberne.

Demo cassette by GSW will soon be available under Cactus Records.

Finally, it’s Cyberne taking over the set. They managed to pull out eight shows in the tour that covers Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Overall it’s a good set for them as we saw it for the first time and they pulled that out as a closing farewell for the tour. Shock&Awe! Media managed to attend all three shows that has been held for them in Malaysia, and wanna express kudos to everyone that has involved in making this happen. The show was in itself, a success especially judging from the turnout of people considering it was a Friday night.

Cyberne tour cassettes are still hot from the oven from Stoneville Records.

Reporter on the field: Ci Chaan.

Video footage: A.Idleness.

-The Alter Ego of Mindfuckingboy

Sankara is a solitary act armed with a distorted bass and accompanied by haunting vocals, combining man and machine and noise and doom to the effect of dispelling traditionalism back into the bleak hungry womb of nihility. The music is fierce and frightening, as though one were teetering at the brink of a great void.

Inspired by Adi Sankara, the Indian philosopher who extended Hinduisms’ ever-expanding branches even further into all-containing, all-embracing horizons with Advaita Vedanta – the belief that our experience and awareness of this world is born out of an undefinable, unknowable energy of which we are made. Thousands of years ago, he radically urged people of the world to open up their minds, reject ritualism and look past the surface to see the things hidden in the depths of our souls.

Sankara is an attempt to explore these dimensions through the elements of music and sound, which, combined, have the power to simultaneously engage within an instance all binary opposites: haunting and magical, unseen and phenomenal, abstract and yet replete with the infinite possibilities of all things.

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