Shock&Awe! Media is a project that fills the lack of media in DIY hardcore punk scenes around the region. As the common sentiment is always against the ‘mainstream’, bands has always find themselves in a stumbling block whenever they wish to feature more of their stuffs ‘out there’ to bigger audiences, as mainstream media is out of the option. This is where Shock&Awe! comes in.

We are happy to observe that there are also other media initiatives that has popped up either as a collective or on individual capacity, other than our very own Shock&Awe! Media Youtube channel. Here is a few that we have spotted and would like to highlight here on our website:

Shieko Reto’s Channel:

Shot mostly from her Lumix LX3, Shieko has been shooting videos at punk gigs, art shows, activism and some street demonstrations too. Here is one with Kah-Roe-Shi:

Ismail Kamus’s Channel:

He has been shooting videos waaaay back in a lot of punk shows. Among the earliest people that we think realise the importance of documentation. Most of the videos are quite dated, but important documentation nonetheless. The next video is from his channel, Indonesian horror punk Kelelawar Malam’s previous show in KL.

Rizman’s Channel

Rizman told me he has also been shooting a lot of videos and did offered it to Shock&Awe! perusal. Other than punk gigs, Rizman also shot footages on activism around Johor where he resides. This is one of his video of Singapore’s Wormrot, which were recently signed with Earache.

Celine’s Channel

An impressive amount of videos. But she needs a better (video) camera. And steadier hands. This one is during the Buzzcock’s show in KL:

GogonTV Channel:

A recently started media collective and only as one video as of now. We are waiting to see more coming up from them. A little too cute for our taste though :). Here is the video of their talkshow with a local band Jane Finger Inc.

So there you have it, a few channels that for us, adds to the media content on local DIY scene. Please leave a comment here if you have more recommendation! Keep on shooting and producing! Shock&Awe! is also looking for more collaborations and hoping for more output with quality. It’s time to up the ante and go beyond individual bedroom publishing for better quality ones, DIY of course.