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// 29th January 2011 // 3.00 pm// RM 10 (minimum) // Gudang Noisy, Ampang (details on location below) //

We <3 our sisters!

Justice for Sisters is a grassroots campaign organised by concerned members of the public to raise public awareness about issues surrounding violence and persecution against the Mak Nyah (transgender and transsexual) community in Malaysia. The campaign also aims to raise funds amounting to RM50,000 to finance court cases that have recently been brought up against transgenders who have been charged in syariah court.

Shock&Awe! would like to express our solidarity for the issue and urges all of you to attend and show support to this gig. Please donate that little extra, ticket price is merely a ‘suggestion’ of donation, don’t limit yourself!

Our Pathetic Ape friend aka Hafiz Bastard (who plays for Pazahora, wrote Pathetic Ape ‘zine and who used to run Blackhole 212) has launched his Podcast; Blackhole Radio at Podomatic, featuring a mixture of regional and international flavours. We at Shock&Awe! is of course, psyched with this initiative. Take a listen by clicking the pic above, or at the link HERE.

Direct download of the Podcast is also available.

On the last Christmas, the Terengganu punk band Cock Say Cock Dung has organised a ‘jamm fest’ at Kemaman known as the Tengkujuh Jamm Fest. Tengkujuh denotes the year end pour that usually experienced by the Malaysian East Coast states. Kemaman is a town in Terengganu just slight north to the famous Cherating beach where surfers would also converge in the end of the year for the high waves. Kemaman is characterised by fishing village and products from the seas as of the rest of the Terengganu state.

Shock&Awe! Media tagged along with members of the band Pusher to observe and to document the event. The videos shot are relatively underlit as the norm, as always, at shows are to function in the lowest level of light as possible. It frustrates our cameraman most of the time. Hence the absence of the video of some of the bands performed :) Here are a few videos that we managed to shot from the show:

Cock Say Cock Dung played first, with their cover of Beastie Boys’ Egg Raid on Mojo:

Pusher’s Medical Prescription:

and crowd’s favourite Dum Dum Tak being the highlight of the show that day:

The show was dominated mostly by local favourite brand of pop/melodic punk. Other than the listed bands, Inikah Hidup have also woken up from their hibernation and played a set. The Let’s Go played the final slot a mixture of some original materials and cover songs. It was an intimate show with a surprising amount of crowds, especially considering there was at least four more shows happening on the same day- at Gudang Noisy Ampang, Ska Fest at Tampin, Negeri Sembilan and at Taiping’s Rainhouse Music, KL’s One Cafe and Batu Pahat’s The Wall. We met a lot of our East Coast friends as well, one came from as far as Tasik Chini ;) and there was the usual eat-together after the show at a stall nearby. Jim Straub of Ride On zine was also spotted tagging along with Nizang to check out the show.

Is the show a life-changing one? No. Is it eye opening and beyond expectation? Neither. But it sure was refreshing to be out of the city and seeing how there are kid’s forming bands and organising gigs in their small towns and still holding on to the whole DIY thing that is inseparable with the DIY hardcore punk community.

Whenever we are available, Shock&Awe! Media Team are able to cover your local DIY events and gigs. We wish to extend our invitation for gig/event organisers to invite us to cover your events and we would appreciate that allocation of passes (i.e. tags) for Media is provided. Support us to support you! Let’s get busy!

Photo by Fikri Amin

Reporter and videoman on the field: Yuen Kok Leong