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Like that Daft Punk’s song: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

We would like to present to you our latest issue of Shock&Awe!

Featuring: Added columns! More reviews! Interview with homeboys Pusher and Singapore’s best: Pazahora! And another Blust from the Past!

Contact us on wholesale purchase, consignment rates and ad placements. Available from various distros across nation and a few international distros. Nag your local distros to distribute this if they haven’t or help us to distribute it!

It is a little bit late to upload it here, we know, but we are working frantically right now to complete Issue #03 for this important event! Shock&Awe! is getting bigger (size-wise) with double (if not more) the content of the previous issues.  There is no betterway to celebrate the birth of this current issue in our mind then to celebrate it with our friends at Sabah!

Here are the flyers of the shows planned- if you are around Sabah, see all of you in the gig,if not ALL of them. Say hi, meet up with us and let’s be productive!

Tour flyer

Keningau Show

Ranau Show

Kota Kinabalu Show

Thank you very much to Augustine Aware for the awesome flyers!

Excuse us while we get back to work, there are still much to be edited!