The launch party to one of the most anticipated release of 2011 would be TOMORROW! If you are bored with mono-genre shows, then this cross-genre gig featuring a smorgasbord line up of performers are not to be missed!

If for some weird reason you haven’t get yourself a copy, here’s how it look like! With FREE poster!

Subversion CD release party!

As you may have known THE GARRISON’s debut CD was released to the wilds a few weeks ago, this is a celebration of sorts for it is an excellent release, one of the best in the history of the local scene! Hands down the best of the year so far! Everybody celebrates!


– strident & powerful ’77-punk throwback with raw reggae and heavy dub in the offbeat!

– everybody’s favourite heavy, heavy, heavy stoner-rock meets crust-style vocals

– fresh energetic kids jangling through nu-post-punk; recalling radio 4 and their ilk.

– young vibrant punks with their rock&roll high school anthem.

RESISTIV3 DJ Collective
– we’ll dance the night away!

– local skronk, organic-elektro mash-up kicking a violin they found on the streets.

| RM15 | 8.30 PM | Central Market Annexe, Kuala Lumpur |

note: we will record and hopefully video the show for posterity!!

also note: we’ll be using the fine amps & back-line from STUDIO KERBAU inventory, with the album’s producer Tom Bollocks manning the controls. It’s gonna be awesome!