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We do not usually post event flyers here, except those that we organised for our magazine launch parties or maybe some benefit gigs here and there. It is because there are Facebook and other websites and blogs which are already doing that and there is no point reposting here again. Anyway, this is an exception though.

This is an event devoted especially for distros, zines and record labels. The usual unsung heroes usually working behind the ‘scene’. It’s organised by the prolific Prohibited Projects from Singapore. Details below.

You thought that the three launch parties were all we had on our sleeves this time around.

But NO!

We are going ‘overseas’, over-the-sea this time, that is, in Kuching, SARAWAK at the Republic of Borneo (Malaysia? who?).

Thanks to the kind kind people here, Mr Punkcaroba Fanzine, Marvin, along with a bunch of friends (Hello Rafel!), we have managed to slip in another show to continue our party train. This would be the last one, we promise, because we know, we should be focused on working on the next issue rather than occupying ourselves with all these shameless promotions.

And we would. But meanwhile that, here’s the flyer.

Please help to spread the word!

B/W version:

P/S: Enjoy the latest issue! We enjoyed doing it!