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We always believe that punks benefit from technological advancements the most. A (sub/counter) culture that emphasise on self production be it in the form of music, writings, art and what-have-you would naturally be the first to make good use out of available tools offered by the latest technology. Punks definitely do not lack the know-how when it comes to how to press CDs, offset printing, mixing, tweaking and engineering sounds, silkscreen printing, you name it, we know it, all learnt through the internet with the guidance and aid of friends. Punks are prolific that way.

Recently we have seen a healthy mushrooming of various form of media on the Internet both audio- and video-centric and we know there are probably lots more than these (please do share with us in the comments and we will promptly add in!!), but these are the ones that came within our radar recent and not-so-recently. The emphasis on documentation could not be stressed enough and these people seems to realise that more than other. Some goes dormant after a few episodes, some goes on irregularly but hey, it’s all labour of love.

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Blackhole Radio

We’ve featured this one before and we still think that this is most enjoyable. Focus on the local contents that is seldom being covered elsewhere. Downloadable too!


Rumah Pirata Radio

Recently started, an online radio from individuals from Rumah Pirata collective house at Bandung. Fun times abundant here. Local stuffs & classic punk tunes are played alongside. Still on the “experimental” stage- maybe they will follow suit to PodOmatic? Live streaming though, so you have to find some way to know the next broadcasting time.


PTK Radio

This one is from a lesser known town in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. You know it’s going to be pretty bad ass when it comes from a town named after banshee.


Other than “radio shows”, there are a few Youtube channel that features mostly live recordings from shows all around. We know these few from Malaysia:

Aberon’s channel

This one is from Aberon who used to have another channel by another name that we featured previously too, but we won’t say which. This channel boasts a handful of fullsets of bands that the guy likes, both local and international touring acts included. The video below is from the recent Shock&Awe! #6 launch party- Portland’s finest, TRAGEDY’s full set:

Doul’s channel

This one is from a guy called Doul and his videos features mostly live sets from shows that he goes to at Kuching, Sarawak.

Rez Iscandar

This guys doensn’t only shoot punk band’s live set but tonnes of other videos related to Malaysia politics/current issues, big concerts and basically things he sees wherever he so. You just gotta sift through the contents. Probably the most prolific person handling a video camera in this list.

Bakakuk’s channel

We save the best for last: of all listed above, this next one has the nicest video quality (especially the recent ones). We are not complaining but there is a certain satisfaction from featuring things that has above par quality. We live by that. This channel is from a recently made friend, Mr Q that features mostly shows from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Now go explore!


This is a sobering issue, after the storm that was Issue #5 which we’ve decided to pair with a 7″ vinyl. We had a proper launch for this issue, a party in the jungle celebrating once again another issue that we didn’t fathom we could pull through accompanied by a show from Portland’s finest; TRAGEDY, no less.

This issue features interview with the “up and coming” acts from three different corners in the world, ANGKARA (MSIA), Milisi Kecoa (IND) and SNAGGLETOOTH (SIN). We had a good chat with all the bands talking not only about the music that they produce, but a a rule of the thumb in our publication, the immediate local issues and surroundings affecting the bands. Blast from the Dust features an interview with Al Dimalanta from the legendary DEAD ENDS (PHIL) with give a very enlightening insight of how it all was when punk first exploded all over the Philippines and the band’s journey that includes active participation in the local political movement. Two contributors both from Indonesia and Singapore wrote their respective investigatory and insightful¬†¬†article on the insight of undercurrents around them both on punk representation and the turbulence of touring-business.

As usual, you can get a copy from distros near you, or ask us about our wholesale price: shock(dot)awe00(at)gmail(dot)com.

Hope you enjoy our latest effort.