This is a sobering issue, after the storm that was Issue #5 which we’ve decided to pair with a 7″ vinyl. We had a proper launch for this issue, a party in the jungle celebrating once again another issue that we didn’t fathom we could pull through accompanied by a show from Portland’s finest; TRAGEDY, no less.

This issue features interview with the “up and coming” acts from three different corners in the world, ANGKARA (MSIA), Milisi Kecoa (IND) and SNAGGLETOOTH (SIN). We had a good chat with all the bands talking not only about the music that they produce, but a a rule of the thumb in our publication, the immediate local issues and surroundings affecting the bands. Blast from the Dust features an interview with Al Dimalanta from the legendary DEAD ENDS (PHIL) with give a very enlightening insight of how it all was when punk first exploded all over the Philippines and the band’s journey that includes active participation in the local political movement. Two contributors both from Indonesia and Singapore wrote their respective investigatory and insightful  article on the insight of undercurrents around them both on punk representation and the turbulence of touring-business.

As usual, you can get a copy from distros near you, or ask us about our wholesale price: shock(dot)awe00(at)gmail(dot)com.

Hope you enjoy our latest effort.