Shock & Awe Media Center

Shock&Awe! Media is a non-profit media center documenting and producing materials on the current Malaysian DIY hardcore punk. Shock&Awe! originally started as a fanzine published beginning of July 2010 with the intention to promote dialogue especially among punks in the Malaysian and to showcase the Malaysian scene to the world. This project is a not-for-profit initiative with the foremost function to produce materials documenting the Malaysian Do-It-Yourself (DIY) hardcore punk scene, in various form spanning from print, audio and video productions.

The focus of this blog would be on regional DIY hardcore punk media production in electronical form other than serving as a communication channel assisting networking effort with the global punk communities. Shock&Awe! project is a mixture of our own media production through our Shock & Awe media clusters, Knot Records releases and other form of collaborations and external contributions. As such, our team welcomes any sorts of related contributions from members of the DIY hardcore punk community. So please send your gig reports, photographs, new releases, ‘zines, news, articles, interviews, reviews etc to be featured here.

Please refer to the contact details below.

Shock&Awe! Magazine

Shock&Awe! magazine is the pioneer project that led to the creation of the media center. The publishing of the magazine is done with the similar intention as of the media center but geared specially towards perennial issues concerning ethics, reflections, conundrums and themes pertaining the DIY hardcore punk scene. The magazine is published quarterly (fingers crossed) and are available through various individuals, distros and shops around Southeast Asia. To check on where you could get your hands on our magazine, refer to the Distro List.

Knot Records

The existence of Knot Records precedes the existence of the media center. Knot Records is originally a record label ran at a small flat unit crammed with 15 individuals at Section 8, Shah Alam. With the creation of Shock & Awe Media, Knot Records are now incorporated as a part of the media production focusing on releasing materials from local Malaysian bands and artistes. Knot Records is a genre-inspecific record label that favors political content in the music and has by far released materials by bands such as Pusher, Freygyle, The Pips and The Garrison.

More information on Knot Records could be found:

Facebook Page (Go and Like us there!)
Ricecooker Page

The Team

Currently there are only three individuals running this project. Yes, we are understaffed and need all the help we could get . If you are interested to help us with anything within your capacity, please give us a holler! We need creative people who are able to do video editing, video shooting, translations, article writing, reporting, transcriptions, illustrations, animations, audio mixing, web design, postage, photography and others. Share your skills with us!

Contact Details

c/o Wan ‘Alauddin
PO Box 10394
50712 Kuala Lumpur

shock(dot)awe00(at)gmail(dot) com