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We always believe that punks benefit from technological advancements the most. A (sub/counter) culture that emphasise on self production be it in the form of music, writings, art and what-have-you would naturally be the first to make good use out of available tools offered by the latest technology. Punks definitely do not lack the know-how when it comes to how to press CDs, offset printing, mixing, tweaking and engineering sounds, silkscreen printing, you name it, we know it, all learnt through the internet with the guidance and aid of friends. Punks are prolific that way.

Recently we have seen a healthy mushrooming of various form of media on the Internet both audio- and video-centric and we know there are probably lots more than these (please do share with us in the comments and we will promptly add in!!), but these are the ones that came within our radar recent and not-so-recently. The emphasis on documentation could not be stressed enough and these people seems to realise that more than other. Some goes dormant after a few episodes, some goes on irregularly but hey, it’s all labour of love.

Click on the posters to direct you to the source!

Blackhole Radio

We’ve featured this one before and we still think that this is most enjoyable. Focus on the local contents that is seldom being covered elsewhere. Downloadable too!


Rumah Pirata Radio

Recently started, an online radio from individuals from Rumah Pirata collective house at Bandung. Fun times abundant here. Local stuffs & classic punk tunes are played alongside. Still on the “experimental” stage- maybe they will follow suit to PodOmatic? Live streaming though, so you have to find some way to know the next broadcasting time.


PTK Radio

This one is from a lesser known town in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. You know it’s going to be pretty bad ass when it comes from a town named after banshee.


Other than “radio shows”, there are a few Youtube channel that features mostly live recordings from shows all around. We know these few from Malaysia:

Aberon’s channel

This one is from Aberon who used to have another channel by another name that we featured previously too, but we won’t say which. This channel boasts a handful of fullsets of bands that the guy likes, both local and international touring acts included. The video below is from the recent Shock&Awe! #6 launch party- Portland’s finest, TRAGEDY’s full set:

Doul’s channel

This one is from a guy called Doul and his videos features mostly live sets from shows that he goes to at Kuching, Sarawak.

Rez Iscandar

This guys doensn’t only shoot punk band’s live set but tonnes of other videos related to Malaysia politics/current issues, big concerts and basically things he sees wherever he so. You just gotta sift through the contents. Probably the most prolific person handling a video camera in this list.

Bakakuk’s channel

We save the best for last: of all listed above, this next one has the nicest video quality (especially the recent ones). We are not complaining but there is a certain satisfaction from featuring things that has above par quality. We live by that. This channel is from a recently made friend, Mr Q that features mostly shows from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Now go explore!

Just a quick one to share, since our videos are pending edit, if we would edit at all. Here’s two videos from the launch party the other day:



Watch the rest of the videos at Pagan City Rocker’s Channel HERE.

Don’t know what this is about? HERE.


We know that people are searching for this, so this is it:

Addtional video, from Smek’s camera:

That Blackhole Ape strikes again!

Listen to the (downloadable) podcast HERE.

Hello peeps,

Just thought of sharing this interview done by people at Lion City DIY.

Here’s an excerpt, click the link attached below to read the full interview:

First things first, how did the idea for Shock&Awe! come about?

Yuen: Well the idea has always been in a way floating around before. Alak and I had planned to make a zine way back in 2004 – more a perzine than anything else – but it never happened. However, when I was back from Sarawak for my sabbatical, I wanted to do something, and since I suck at playing musical instruments, I decided that a zine was the way for me to contribute to the scene.

Alak: Yes, earlier in 2004 we did have some rough ideas that never did happen. When we reunited recently last year, we had a serious discussion about making it happen, as we were getting bored and had some serious shit to complain about.

And how did Ci Chaan come into the picture? How many people do you have on your “team” or is the number more organic?

Ci Chaan: Because I’m good-looking?

Yuen: It’s like the open-source operating system Linux: we provide the template and we look for interested collaborators – organic might be the word to describe it. So there are no actual numbers – people can come and leave as they like, which is relatively low commitment and therefore low pressure, but of course we do have core members who help to oversee the whole operation. Ci Chaan has stunning looks and excellent PR skills, so his addition to the team was very strategic and indispensable for our expansion. ;)

Alak: Well, doing the zine with only the 2 of us would result in another boring self-absorbed personal zine, which would only portray a one-sided view. So the bugger came along as the third opinion.

As we all know, zine culture is pretty much dying on a global scale, and is considered dead in this part of the world. So why a zine? Why not just a website?

Ci Chaan: You know, the vinyl industry is dying too but bands are still unrelentingly releasing records on that format. There is an essentiality that you can’t explain.

Yuen: We all know that punks are always nostalgic towards the traditional format: vinyl and tapes for example. So here we are expressing our own nostalgia for the paper and ink format. It is interesting to observe how many magazines have gone online to remain “relevant”. However we still relish the full sensory experience of reading a magazine: the crispness of the paper, the smell of the ink, the pleasant feeling of reading from paper and the non-ephemeral feeling of print. Try reading on your iPad at the beach.

Alak: I have always been fond of that fresh smell of print and being able to read something that I can hold in my hand. I’m pretty sure that are still some people who do think alike.

Ci Chaan: Plus, people wouldn’t give a fuck if Maximumrocknroll was just a website, don’t you think?


Read the full interview HERE.

Our Pathetic Ape friend aka Hafiz Bastard (who plays for Pazahora, wrote Pathetic Ape ‘zine and who used to run Blackhole 212) has launched his Podcast; Blackhole Radio at Podomatic, featuring a mixture of regional and international flavours. We at Shock&Awe! is of course, psyched with this initiative. Take a listen by clicking the pic above, or at the link HERE.

Direct download of the Podcast is also available.

Shock&Awe! Media is a project that fills the lack of media in DIY hardcore punk scenes around the region. As the common sentiment is always against the ‘mainstream’, bands has always find themselves in a stumbling block whenever they wish to feature more of their stuffs ‘out there’ to bigger audiences, as mainstream media is out of the option. This is where Shock&Awe! comes in.

We are happy to observe that there are also other media initiatives that has popped up either as a collective or on individual capacity, other than our very own Shock&Awe! Media Youtube channel. Here is a few that we have spotted and would like to highlight here on our website:

Shieko Reto’s Channel:

Shot mostly from her Lumix LX3, Shieko has been shooting videos at punk gigs, art shows, activism and some street demonstrations too. Here is one with Kah-Roe-Shi:

Ismail Kamus’s Channel:

He has been shooting videos waaaay back in a lot of punk shows. Among the earliest people that we think realise the importance of documentation. Most of the videos are quite dated, but important documentation nonetheless. The next video is from his channel, Indonesian horror punk Kelelawar Malam’s previous show in KL.

Rizman’s Channel

Rizman told me he has also been shooting a lot of videos and did offered it to Shock&Awe! perusal. Other than punk gigs, Rizman also shot footages on activism around Johor where he resides. This is one of his video of Singapore’s Wormrot, which were recently signed with Earache.

Celine’s Channel

An impressive amount of videos. But she needs a better (video) camera. And steadier hands. This one is during the Buzzcock’s show in KL:

GogonTV Channel:

A recently started media collective and only as one video as of now. We are waiting to see more coming up from them. A little too cute for our taste though :). Here is the video of their talkshow with a local band Jane Finger Inc.

So there you have it, a few channels that for us, adds to the media content on local DIY scene. Please leave a comment here if you have more recommendation! Keep on shooting and producing! Shock&Awe! is also looking for more collaborations and hoping for more output with quality. It’s time to up the ante and go beyond individual bedroom publishing for better quality ones, DIY of course.

Ricecooker has just launched it’s radioshow! We at Shock&Awe! Media loves this! Another awesome attempt of media creation which we feel is about time, that the gap to be filled by all the capable individuals we have around the scene.

In this first initiative, the prominent and prolific member of Carburetor Dung, Joe Kidd, who is also our writer and collaborator, shares his electic selection of notable tunes from all around the world from the past till the present.

We are still figuring out how to embed this.

Go go listen it here! Or alternately, you can click on the Ricecooker banner above.