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And we’re back. In our annual bumper issue edition. In this issue we try to capture the various different narratives revolving around Sexism & Gender theme. The more we were working on it, the more we felt that it is by no means an easy feat to capture the theme in its whole. Regardless we would like to present you our latest issue in our own small effort. We’re sorry there would be a little hike of the price this time around. It is still GST-free tho!

Bands interview:
DAILY RITUAL (Pasir Ris, Singapore)
SCUMRAID (Seoul, Korea)
XRDM (Ssabah, Borneo)
KW-13 (Bandung, Indonesia)

Interviews with Grrrls and many guest columnists (this time around dominated by female contributors)!
40++ regional and international music reviews plus the usual sections!

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This is a sobering issue, after the storm that was Issue #5 which we’ve decided to pair with a 7″ vinyl. We had a proper launch for this issue, a party in the jungle celebrating once again another issue that we didn’t fathom we could pull through accompanied by a show from Portland’s finest; TRAGEDY, no less.

This issue features interview with the “up and coming” acts from three different corners in the world, ANGKARA (MSIA), Milisi Kecoa (IND) and SNAGGLETOOTH (SIN). We had a good chat with all the bands talking not only about the music that they produce, but a a rule of the thumb in our publication, the immediate local issues and surroundings affecting the bands. Blast from the Dust features an interview with Al Dimalanta from the legendary DEAD ENDS (PHIL) with give a very enlightening insight of how it all was when punk first exploded all over the Philippines and the band’s journey that includes active participation in the local political movement. Two contributors both from Indonesia and Singapore wrote their respective investigatory and insightful  article on the insight of undercurrents around them both on punk representation and the turbulence of touring-business.

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Hope you enjoy our latest effort.

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Calling for Ad placement soon! Local labels are very, very encouraged to place an ad with us, preferably with an exhaustive list of their release in this special issue documenting (a small portion of) Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia punk scene.

Cronies? Possibly. Without merit? Never.

You thought that the three launch parties were all we had on our sleeves this time around.

But NO!

We are going ‘overseas’, over-the-sea this time, that is, in Kuching, SARAWAK at the Republic of Borneo (Malaysia? who?).

Thanks to the kind kind people here, Mr Punkcaroba Fanzine, Marvin, along with a bunch of friends (Hello Rafel!), we have managed to slip in another show to continue our party train. This would be the last one, we promise, because we know, we should be focused on working on the next issue rather than occupying ourselves with all these shameless promotions.

And we would. But meanwhile that, here’s the flyer.

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B/W version:

P/S: Enjoy the latest issue! We enjoyed doing it!

New sections, new kind of paper, newer than new!

Limited release for now.

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Like that Daft Punk’s song: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

We would like to present to you our latest issue of Shock&Awe!

Featuring: Added columns! More reviews! Interview with homeboys Pusher and Singapore’s best: Pazahora! And another Blust from the Past!

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