This is basically a self-indulgent page which place bits of what others have said about us:

On Shock&Awe! Issue #1 & #2:

Super clean looking zine from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia of all places (first time I’ve said that!!). Great mix of music and opinion with a bunch of columns covering lots of music and DIY related topics from record purchasing to DIY shows and even SE Asian politics. The best about this zine is how it is SE Asian centric; instead of looking across the oceans for inspiration these kids have created a zine to showcase their own local talents. The columns often look inwards with solutions to problems within their own scene. The second issue is already a vast improvement on the first and I can really see this zine (and accompanying blog) as a useful tool for the SE Asian punk community. As a bonus it makes pretty good reading for the rest of us folks across the pond!!

Tim Brooks
Maximum Rocknroll 

On Shock&Awe! Issue #3:


If this zine were a song I would liken it to “Fight Back” by Discharge. I can feel their rhythm coursing through my veins as I read this zine and couldn’t put it down. Cliché? No, because it’s that damn good. These cats are raw and talking about issues that matter bridging that disconnect between punk and politics. For them punk is a major part of their life, and life is a political struggle and fight. Therefore the two go hand in hand. It’s smart, funny, and irreverent. All of the columns are well written in a tangible style that is real with no BS. Topics include police brutality, punk tourism/hospitality, sexual identity, fetishizing of women, sexism and racism in the punk community, and many more. Bands interviews in this issue include Pusher and Pazahora. There is a comprehensive venue list for Malaysia. News, film and record reviews are staples here as well. There is even a section called “Snitch” where people who are not columnists or part of the zine are encouraged to send in short articles. I hope they find a distro in the US and the UK soon because more people need to read this and support their scene. All in all the crew at SA! Are not looking for your approval but they will damn sure earn it.

Danielle Gresham
Maximum Rocknroll #338


Unbelievably Bad magazine is by far my favourite music mag for the following reasons; the awesome cover, the amazingly clean and professional layout, the interesting articles, left of centre interviews and of coarse the cd/zine reviews.

Shock and Awe is from Malaysia, and apart from not having zine reviews, it’s the closest music publication to come close to how cool UB is. I REALLY enjoyed the diverse range of articles from a wide range of authors and perspectives within the punk/music/DIY scenes which filled most of the pages as well as two long local punk interviews. I couldn’t be more impressed with the publication. It even has a photo pull out spread in the centrefold. HELLS YEA !

I currently only have 4 copies left in stock. You MUST buy this.

Smells Like Zines (


Shock & Awe is a fiercely independent music magazine produced by the members of the Knot Records collective in Malaysia… and it’s really great. It would be hard for me to imagine that every punk into crust, d-beat, and or political hardcore wouldn’t find something of interest in here. This zine (which is written completely in English) has so much more to offer than just that though, including columns about cops in Malaysia, punk tourism (with advice for foreign bands wanting to play in Malaysia), cassette tape appreciation, a Malaysian guide to punk labels, bands, and venues, an article about being a female punk in a male-dominated Malaysian scene, and much more. Throw in interviews with d-beaters Pazahora, the punk band Pusher, a bunch of reviews, and you are left with one great, inspiring zine. –

Mark Twistworthy
Razorcake #63


On Shock&Awe! Issue #5:


On the zine:

8.5 x 5.5 – printed – 64 pgs
Shock and awe is precisely my reaction to this zine, but definitely more of the latter! This is a 64-page nicely printed, not-for-profit zine acting as a sort of a Malaysian scene report, specifically Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley. Also accompanying this zine is a four-band 7″ comp of current stuff from there, but you can read about that in the Record Reviews section. A great amount of passion and true punk collaboration is highly evident here! You can tell the contributors and coordinators are really involved and dedicated to this, and though it is brimming with all the current scene info, it also contains plenty of writing about the last 20+ years of Malaysian punk as well. Features : essays on the DIY movement/Malaysian hardcore history, info on the Rumah Api punk community space, thorough interviews with Malaysian DIY punk labels and the bands on the comp, columns, reviews of Malaysian punk/HC releases and retrospective/interviews with Malaysian punk pioneers Carburetor Dung and The Bollocks. The common thread throughout the whole thing is DIY ethics and what they mean in the context of their community. The writters are very introspective, creative and socially aware, and the analyses are deep and inspiring. I highly recommend this to all MRR readers and i will definitely be following this zine from now on! Just to give due credit, I want to mention taht this particular special release was a collective effort by Shock&Awe magazine, Cactus records, Knot records, Rumah Api and other around Klang Valley! (MA)

On the PECHAH Compilation 7″


Wow, I’m holding something really special here: it’s a four-song 7″ comp and a handsome 64 page, 6.5″ x 8.5″ housed in a hand-screened and numbered heavy cardstock cover – representing everything we need to know about the DIY hardcore/punk scene in Malaysia (specifically Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley). I’m in awe (and shock), indeed! The music here is extremely varied in style: SARJAN HASSAN does pounding crossover with an 80’s thrash influence, even channeling some early METALLICA! PUSHER does a strange hybrid of funk/ska/metal. The Garrison sounds like a sincere and non-commercial RANCID and CRIMESCENE spews forth mind-scrambling powerviolence. None of these styles typically appeal to me, but I should say that all four tracks are at the top of their game and I appreciate the fuck out of this a hundred times more than near anything I’ve seen lately, due to the sheer honesty and passion emanating from this release. Not-for-profit, DIY, lovingly created, inspiring release! (MA)

Maximum Rocknroll #358