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In this first of our Special Feature, Shock&Awe! Media brings you to a tour to the space formerly known as Gudang Noisy, home to the DIY hardcore punk scene in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which has been revamped and reopened as Rumah Api. In this installment, Shock&Awe! re-introduced the venue along with Pustaka Semesta; the infoshop housed in the space and talked with the people behind the space about what to expect from 178 Merdeka Street.

// 29th January 2011 // 3.00 pm// RM 10 (minimum) // Gudang Noisy, Ampang (details on location below) //

We <3 our sisters!

Justice for Sisters is a grassroots campaign organised by concerned members of the public to raise public awareness about issues surrounding violence and persecution against the Mak Nyah (transgender and transsexual) community in Malaysia. The campaign also aims to raise funds amounting to RM50,000 to finance court cases that have recently been brought up against transgenders who have been charged in syariah court.

Shock&Awe! would like to express our solidarity for the issue and urges all of you to attend and show support to this gig. Please donate that little extra, ticket price is merely a ‘suggestion’ of donation, don’t limit yourself!

-The Alter Ego of Mindfuckingboy

Sankara is a solitary act armed with a distorted bass and accompanied by haunting vocals, combining man and machine and noise and doom to the effect of dispelling traditionalism back into the bleak hungry womb of nihility. The music is fierce and frightening, as though one were teetering at the brink of a great void.

Inspired by Adi Sankara, the Indian philosopher who extended Hinduisms’ ever-expanding branches even further into all-containing, all-embracing horizons with Advaita Vedanta – the belief that our experience and awareness of this world is born out of an undefinable, unknowable energy of which we are made. Thousands of years ago, he radically urged people of the world to open up their minds, reject ritualism and look past the surface to see the things hidden in the depths of our souls.

Sankara is an attempt to explore these dimensions through the elements of music and sound, which, combined, have the power to simultaneously engage within an instance all binary opposites: haunting and magical, unseen and phenomenal, abstract and yet replete with the infinite possibilities of all things.

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ENTRY BY DONTAION (Yes, we still have to pay for the venue!)

We are proud to present you our official (online) launch of our Shock&Awe! Interview series which would feature interviews with local Malaysian bands together with some live footages (whenever available). We couldn’t think of a better band than Sarjan Hassan to kick start our series. Sarjan Hassan has been a prominent band in the Malaysian scene with loyal following that those bands playing for Telekom Malaysia (TM) could only dream of.

More info on Sarjan Hassan: